For more than 25 years the systems of epoxi pipes reinforced with fiber glass are being installe all over the world with success under the highest conditions of corrosion, in refineries, petrochemicalses and chemical companies, prospecting, oil companies and in other very varied industrial and civil applications.
The demands of security and protection of the environment imply a growing interest.
The pipes of EPOXI are very appreciated when transporting corrosive agents under high pressures and/or temperatures.
They are light for the handling and the transport, easy to install, and resistant to the blows and they don't need any maintenance. In consequence the costs of their cycle of life are very inferior to the traditional systems.
The industrial pipes are object of high demands.
The temperature, the pressure, high chemical resistance, chemical stability, the installation and their maintenance constitute very important factors when choosing the material.
These pipes are manufactured winding glass fibers that have been impregnated in resin of EPOXI, meticulously under a certain angle, on a revolvable internal and smooth driver.
The tension of the glass fiber stays completely constant.
The tubes and the seals keep constant in the whole production, as for chemical and mechanic resistance. The duration of these pipes is superior to 50 years.
Nevertheless the installation will condition this fact, so, specialized companies should carry out the assembly.
This light material of easy installation can be placed underground or in an air way, without maintenance, if one also keeps in mind the durability it is easy to conclude that it supposes a reduction in the expenses.
Fire-containment sections Conduction of drinkable water Refrigeration lines Lines of high voltage Transport of industrial residuals.
Pipes for salty/demineralized water. Brines Prosecution conduits Degas systems Habitually the fire-containment installations with EPOXI pipes, resist the extreme conditions in situations of high risk.
In studies of the simulations, and of real cases, at world level, it has been verified that the system and the installation complete their time/resistence targets in the focus of the fire, thanks to the insulating effect of glass fiber.
ARTERIEGO, has the approval that demands the updated normative for the installation of pipes EPOXI.

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