Automatic filters of 8" - 14" for flows of up to 1.000 cubic metres per hour

They are the self-cleaning automatic filters with a bigger filtrate area and appropriate for the highest flows.

Characteristics: For flows of up to 1.000 cubic metres per hour. Filtration grades: from 3.500 to 25 microns. Great filtering surface : 10.000cm2. Two methods of cleaning: brushes or scanner. Washing cycle with electronic and flexible supervision of control options. Washing carried out according to difference of pressure and/or time. There is an option of permanent washing available. Minimum quantity of waste water during the washing. Interruption of flow doesn't exist toward the system during the washing. Applications: - System of supply of water. - Refrigeration waters. - Waste waters. in: Metallurgical industries. Paper mills. Alimentary industries. Industries of production and transformed plastics. Mining, Watering, Piscifactories, etc

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